To make email marketing and techy things (and your life!) easier by:

  • Offering friendly, experienced, reliable support and advice.
  • Developing a great working relationship with you.
  • Helping you to stay focused on the work you love.
  • Providing effective, step-by-step services with clear pricing.
  • Guaranteeing a jargon-free zone.
  • Being honest and open (read my answers to some frequently asked questions here)

Who I work with

I tend to work with UK and Irish female coaches, therapists and consultants. 

I love to support ‘people who help people’.

My clients follow their vocation through their business. They want to gain visibility online, grow an email list, attract and communicate with their ideal clients and make more bookings and sales but don't have time to learn new stuff or do boring/bamboozling tech chores.

They are ready to delegate to someone down to earth and trustworthy who will guide and support them and get it done with zero stress.

Not ready?

Not sure what or how to outsource? Grab my free guide packed full of tips to help you start your outsourcing journey.

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About Jackie

I’m based in the North East of England and work with UK and Irish-based clients. 

Myers-Briggs type: ISTP – ‘The Mechanic’ / ‘Trouble-shooter.’ 

Astrology: Capricorn sun / Cancer ascendant / Leo moon

Human Design Type: Manifestor - 'micro managers' are probably not going to gel with me.

Personal stuff: I'm a Geordie woman in my late 40's, married to a Yorkshireman for 18 years. We have two daughters. I manage a local heritage charity as well as run Jackie's Virtual Bureau. I escape from screens when I can. I enjoy hiking in the hills or walking in the woods, pottering about at home or in the garden (I have a lady-shed!). I love catching up with friends and family, reading, aromatherapy, comedy, theatre, tarot, astrology and old-fashioned peace and quiet. I'm interested in holistic health and have a range of therapy qualifications including body massage and Usui reiki.

I get booked up quickly, so whether you need support now or further down the line (or even if you’re just exploring), reach out for a chat now.

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Relying solely on social media is risky

Are you disillusioned with social media? Sick of spending hours churning out content just to be at the mercy of the algorithms and the increasingly unreliable reach? You're not alone. Relying solely on these platforms is a risky strategy; if any of the platforms crash, or if you're de-platformed, then your entire online audience will disappear. Don't put all of your eggs in one basket. You need another strategy as a replacement, or as a back-up... email marketing offers the solution.

A simpler way

The past couple of years have allowed us all to step back and reflect on life and business. Many want an easier, more authentic way of doing marketing. I certainly do! I focus on the easy, most effective ways to reach your target audience, without the risk of it all going down the pan overnight.

Why these services?

Email Marketing is the perfect alternative or back-up to social media marketing. 

I'm an experienced web designer and digital marketing VA. I now focus my skills on providing email marketing support to help you market your business online in an authentic way that's all yours. It plays an important part of your overall marketing strategy. 

Services: I help you to get started with email marketing, grow your email list, create or improve your lead magnet and send automated email sequences and newsletters. I also help with your website and online content, provide training and workshops, invite collaborations with web designers, copywriters and business coaches, and a offer a guest speaker service for your Mastermind, live event or podcast.

Professional story

I'm a university graduate, with approaching 30 years of experience spanning all sectors. I’ve had a varied career which started out in countryside management. I've had positions in executive support, events, programme and project management and training. I've experienced promotion and redundancy. I love playing a supportive, practical, 'hands on' role. I've also been a holistic therapist.

I’ve managed people, events, projects, systems, software and offices. I’ve been a web designer for several years also a digital marketing VA. Now I focus exclusively on email marketing which draws on all of my design and tech experience.

Jackie’s Virtual Bureau was established in the summer of 2018 and has grown in response to clients needing experienced, reliable email marketing support for their new or scaling business. 

Keeping my skills fresh and relevant is important and I regularly invest in my own professional development. This means you benefit from my training and qualifications without having to learn even more stuff yourself. I'm a Mailchimp, Mailerlite and Kajabi specialist and experienced in WordPress and Squarespace.

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Security and peace of mind

Data protection is a fundamental part of email marketing - that's why I am registered with the Information Commissioner's Office. I also have professional indemnity insurance.