Email support packages

So you're set up...what next?

Once you're set up with email marketing, you need to get into a rhythm and send your audience updates. Otherwise, why bother with an email list?

Your list won't grow and people will forget you.

Clients come to me because although they might have ideas for great newsletter content, they struggle to find the time to format it properly and ensure it actually goes out!

So nothing gets sent out.

Let me help

If you don't have the time (or the patience) to send your newsletters and emails yourself, you can send me your copy and I'll make sure your emails go out on time. 

I'll do some light copy editing, source images, create graphics (I'm a Canva Pro 'pro'!), format your copy and links properly, and check everything over for accessibility and data protection.

These fiddly things drive clients bat-sh*t crazy, but I love it!

I'll also check to see that your analytics and subscriber list is up to date, manage tags and groups, and can provide a simple report on how you're doing each month.

What to do:

Book a package of monthly support so you're guaranteed to have my availability. The great thing is, you can upgrade, downgrade or pause your package anytime you need to.

I offer the following support packages:

5 hours per month £175

10 hours per month £350

Packages are bespoke to what you need, but a typical package might include:

  • Guidance and support

  • A simple email marketing strategy to suit your unique business

  • Sending out your newsletter(s) each week

  • Checking your analytics

  • Managing your contact list

  • Any other email marketing tasks including landing pages, lead magnets and automation.

Everything will be set up with your business branding. You'll get a shared folder so you can get your copy over to me easily, and a test email to check everything over before it goes live.

After we've done a couple of newsletters together, most clients don't even need to see a test email - they can relax, knowing it's all getting done, looking exactly how they want it to and going out consistently on time.

It is literally as easy as sending over your rough copy - I'll do the rest.

I can also perform other digital marketing tasks such as assisting with your blog and website content.