How to get started and how often to send your newsletter

How to get started and how often to send your newsletter

How do you get started with a newsletter, and how often should you send it?

This article should give you plenty of tips and advice about how often to send your newsletters, also how to get started, and what NOT to do.

It is so important to start or grow an email list, and to contact people! Read why email marketing is so important here.

'How often to send' is the million dollar question that I also had to grapple with when planning my own newsletter.

If you’re trying to come up with a realistic plan, why not do what I did and find a sequence that flows for you so you KNOW it’ll get done?

I run my business part-time so my time is limited - I simply don't have time to do hours and hours of marketing. I'm also all about simplifying life and business for myself and my clients so I settled on a Monthly Memo. Noone can say they don't have time to write a newsletter once per month….

My newsletter is sent out on the last Thursday of the month and it works for me:

  • It's easy to grab copy and paste it into my newsletter template - TIME SAVED!
  • I can schedule my newsletters in advance using Mailerlite - TIME SAVED!
  • Clients and people on my mailing list know when to expect each newsletter, and what the format is each time - LIFE IS SIMPLIFIED!

Here are some other ideas for when to send your newsletter:

  • 'Organically' (when the heck you feel like it - a bit risky!)
  • Weekly
  • Fortnightly
  • Following the phases of the moon (right up my street!)
  • The first of every month
  • Once per quarter
  • Every other month

I love this article which should give you more pointers

Really, there’s no easy answer. You need to find what flows for you and your audience, and what is achievable depending on your own schedule and commitments.

Bruce Lee quote about simplicity

5 tips on how to get started

  1. Start gathering ideas for the content of your newsletter. I am sure you will have plenty of material you've already created? Most of it can be repurposed: (your blog posts, LinkedIn articles, videos, social media posts etc.)
  2. Start brainstorming some ideas for themes, topics and articles in a simple word or google document, then gather together anything you've already written or created.
  3. Create a template so each newsletter follows the same format. (People love that, because they know what to expect.)
  4. Set your preferred frequency and stick to it, because people will get into your rhythm and expect you to do what you said you were going to do.
  5. Write in advance and schedule your newsletter - then sit back and relax, knowing you have plenty of time for any last minute additions or edits.

Everyone has to start somewhere.... so just start! I do this for clients so if you need a hand, do reach out.

What not to do

PLEASE don't send daily emails.

Recently I was shocked to read this 'advice' from an email marketing coaching company - they advocate sending daily emails, their philosophy being more or less, 'just empty your head once per day and press send'. Yuk yuk yuk! This will likely put a huge amount of pressure on you, and imagine how annoyed your readers would be? Unless the content is PHENOMENAL, definitely steer clear of this tactic.

Don't even over-commit yourself to a weekly or fortnightly newsletter if you simply don't have the time to do it. You'll feel stressed out and under pressure.

A web designer I follow on LinkedIn sends a weekly newsletter. They are pretty good - they follow the same format each time (as mine does, and yours should), and they pop up right on time every week, so for her, a weekly newsletter is achievable and she is able to commit to that schedule.

I don't know about you, but I would not be able to commit to that!

Don't get caught like a rabbit in the headlights and freeze.

Some people don't send anything to their email list because:

  • They don't know what to say
  • They don't have a plan
  • They don't have a list to send to!

If this is you, start now!

Even if your list is tiny, the only way to grow it is to send regular content in your signature style and in a consistent format. This article has tips on content ideas to get you started.

Don't start then stop.

It looks quite unprofessional and sloppy. If you need to take a break, or change the format or timing of your newsletter, tell your email list in advance. People like to be kept in the loop, and will generally appreciate and support a new-look format, or cheer you on if you need to take break for personal reasons.

Don't turn up in people's inboxes just because you have something to sell.

I receive quite a few emails and updates from people when they have a launch coming up. I hear nothing else from them, no personal touches or updates, just pure sales. Yuk! It erodes trust in my opinion. Fine, we're in business and all have things to sell, but don't JUST send sales emails.


I trust I've shared some easy ways to get started, and some tips on how often to send your newsletters. The overriding principle is to do what works for you and yur unique business.

Good luck…and get in touch if you need my support getting started or sending newsletters out. It's what I do!