Is growing an email list your current goal?

Are you churning out endless content for social media, which takes up loads of time and head space but not really getting you any sales or clients?

Is no one signing up to your existing email list because you're not offering anything worth signing up for? (A vague offer of a newsletter is not good enough these days.)

  • Would you love to build an email list full of perfect prospects who see you as an authority in your area of work?
  • Would you like to build trust with your audience and get more bookings and sales?
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Grow Your List Package

Grow Your List is a supportive, easy to follow package for clients who want to grow their email list.

It includes everything you need to start sharing your new or existing lead magnet and attracting the right kinds of people to join your list.

We'll create a really useful lead magnet that will help your ideal client with whatever problem they're facing.

After signing up, your audience will be able to instantly download your freebie then they'll receive an automated email welcome sequence, building trust and letting them get to know you better.

And when they are ready to buy, they'll feel like they already know you - you've already built that crucial 'know, like trust' factor that will improve your chance of sales or bookings.

Lead magnet

Lead Magnets 

We're all bombarded with emails. People don't want to sign up to your email list 'to stay in the loop'. They want something more valuable than the vague offer of a newsletter!

So to get someone to sign up to your email list, we need to offer a really helpful free resource to attract them towards your business.

There are loads of options to create a lead magnet. The easiest way is to create a concise, downloadable guide in PDF format. And I like to make my clients' lives easier, so that's what this package is all about.

If your lead magnet is a bit pants, or still at the 'half-baked idea' stage, don't worry, I can help you to get it done.